About Ruff

Our Focus
RUFF is a 501(3)c non-profit organization whose primary focus is to: 1. Encourage responsible dog ownership and boost the dog/owner bond; and 2. Support rescue organizations both financially and through volunteer work.

RUFF provides support to local animal rescue organizations with monetary and material donations, such as leashes, blankets, dog food.
Ruff also offers free flyball demonstrations for local rescue organizations fundraising events.

A number of rescue dogs have found forever homes with RUFF members. These dogs have blossomed and become some of our top flyball racers. Rescue dogs are denoted by a green paw next to their name on our RUFF dog page

RUFF is extremely proud to have members who work not only with rescue groups, but with other community organizations.

RUFF’s program focus is to enhance the dog/human bond. Regardless of whether a dog continues in flyball, s/he comes away more confident and proficient in both human and dog interaction.