Level II Class

Level II – Is a 6-week long session of 50 minute classes. This level uses a variety of activities to teach more advanced Flyball skills and continues to build on what is learned in Level I, such as:
• Introduction to Flyball box work
• Strong recall
• Tug drive/Reward drive
• Consistency going over jumps with proper striding
• Focus on handler with distractions
• Build drive away from handler/towards handler
• Boost your dog’s competitive spirit
• Introduce how to properly handle a Flyball dog in racing lanes
• Introductory passing techniques

All classes are held on Sunday mornings and offered throughout the year.

You will need to bring a leash (non-retractable preferred) and a collar or harness (harness preferred). Electronic collar, choke chain, pinch collar, and gentle leader are not allowed.